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Perdido Key, Florida, is a 247-acre, 16-mile long barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico. Barrier islands provide habitats for coastal animals. Dunes (sand formations built by wind) found on the Key are characteristic of barrier islands. Conde Nast Traveler has rated our narrow barrier island among the top five island beaches thanks to its sparkling white sand and clear, turquoise water. The Key, as the area is called by natives, is a natural paradise where you'll find unspoiled beaches, water habitats like marshes and wetlands, and a variety of sea life and wildlife.
Just off the island is the area known to locals as the mainland. The mainland just west of the island is still considered the Key and is home to Big Lagoon State Park and the areas Innerarity Point and Innerarity Island. Innerarity Point includes many retail and dining locations, while Innerarity Island is a small, private, residential community.
The Key is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the south and the OleRiver, or Perdido River, to the north. From the Key, there is easy access to the broad expanse of Perdido Bay and to the Gulf of Mexico. The Key's location also puts you in close proximity to lagoons and coves; All nearby bodies of water offer excellent sailing, snorkeling, fishing, and swimming opportunities. Pensacola Hotels, Florida is just to the east of the island with Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama westward.
Did you know that the sugary-white beaches found on Perdido Key Condos are composed of fine quartz that over time has eroded from granite in the Appalachian Mountains? The sand is carried by rivers and creeks and deposited on our shore. Perhaps because of the fineness of the quartz, the sand makes a notable squeak as you slide your bare feet through it; a sound that kids love and that can make adults feel like kids again.
Approximately 62 percent of Perdido Key is made up of protected land as part of the Gulf Island National Seashore and
Perdido Key State Recreation Park. Florida's state park system, including Perdido Key State Recreation Park and Big Lagoon State Park, was voted Best in America by the National Recreation and Parks Association in October 1999 and received the National Gold Medal State Park Award.
The Perdido Key Beach Mouse calls our island home. Registered as an endangered species since 1985, the large-eared nocturnal herbivore feeds primarily on the seeds of sea oats and beach grasses that are plentiful in our area. To protect the Beach Mouse's habitat, boardwalks built up over the dunes and interdunal areas provide public access to the beaches.

An estimated 1,200 residents call Perdido Key home year-round and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle our lost island has to offer.
No matter when you come to the Key, there's always something happening. Each month of the year is packed with events, from regattas to festivals and fireworks to
The Frank Brown International Songwriters' Festival, where world-renowned singers and songwriters
of various genres of music come to perform.
Northwest Florida's climate is semi-tropical, with hot summers and warm winters. The summer provides just the right weather for sunbathing and a cool dip in the water, while the fall and winter provide the perfect atmosphere for outdoor activities in the Key's pristine, natural surroundings. So, what are you waiting for? Come lose yourself in Perdido Key.
Barrier islands protect the Florida mainland from the harsh effects of storms and provide habitats for shorebirds and other coastal animals. Perdido Key is a 247-acre barrier island near Pensacola on the Gulf of Mexico. White sand beaches and rolling dunes covered with sea oats make this park a favorite destination for swimmers and sunbathers. Surf fishing is another popular activity. Boardwalks from the parking lot allow visitors to access the beach without causing damage to the fragile dunes and beach vegetation.
Fall offers its own unique way to relax and enjoy a day at the beach. Many plants are showing their best this time of year including sea oats, October flower, and woody goldenrod. Animal life on the island also offers many chances for viewing and study. A favorites include our migratory birds and the monarch butterflies. Another thrilling adventure at the beach this time of year will help keep you fit as well. Shelling can be as simple as finding a favorite shell - whether big, shiny, or cracked in a special way - or as challenging as learning to identify the various shells that wash ashore. The variety found on Perdido Key is fascinating.

Day trips to the beach later in the year can offer a special opportunity to appreciate the Sunshine State. As the earth rotates and brings an end to the day, most evenings produce remarkable sunsets over the Gulf waters. These unique sunsets are available only during the winter months. Don't forget your camera!
If you're interested in camping, Big Lagoon State Park is located just across the bay and offers tent, camp trailer, and RV sites. Take a short drive up the road and you'll discover Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park which offers a variety of nature trails to start your next adventure.

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